Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten – A Checklist You Can Use!!

Trying to prepare your little one for their first day of Kindergarten can be kind of tough if you don’t know what to teach them. Here is a list of how to prepare your child for kindergarten – A checklist you can use!!

If you’re not ready to read due to summer, PIN IT for later!!

 Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten - A Checklist You Can Use!!

Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten – A Checklist You Can Use!!

To prepare my child for Kindergarten, I will be doing 1-16 with him but not all at once. I won’t push it on him, but rather a slow learn during the summer months while we are doing nothing or before he gets the Kindle.

So, do you let your kids have the summers off, or do you like to keep their brains active during summer, so they don’t forget anything? I’m not sure what I will do next summer, but this is a massive step for Kinders, and I want to prepare mine for it. When we went to Meet the Teacher night, they did stress that a kindergartner should know these things or at least know something about each one.

Kindergarten Checklist

  1. Be able to state first and last name.
  2. Use appropriated 3-finger grasp when using pencils and scissors.
  3. Know all the letters in their first name.
  4. Know all the primary colors, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, black, white, brown, pink.
  5. Identify numerals 1-10 in random order.
  6. Identify most upper and lowercase letters.
  7. Use fingers to accurately count items to 10
  8. Follow 2-3 step directions.
  9. Be able to rhyme words.
  10. To re-tell simply stories in sequence.
  11. Use restroom and wash hands independently.
  12. Sit for a story for 5-10 minutes.
  13. Clean up after themselves.
  14. Share materials and toys with other children.
  15. Be confident and ready to separate from the parent.
  16. Know concepts of reading such as front to back, the flow of the book, which page comes first, and reading left from right.

Right now we are working on #8.

My son learned to write his name, hold a pencil, count, cut with scissors, use the restroom and wash his hands, and perhaps a few more on the checklist in Preschool. He knows his colors too. He only went twice a week for 5 hours each day. It’s up to us now to teach him the rest. I think this checklist is manageable, but I’m having a hard time with #10. I’m sure he will catch on at school.

To get my son prepared for Kindergarten, my husband bought a Scholastic Kindergarten Workbook for us to use at home. I tear out a page a day and let him work on it. If he asks for the Kindle but hasn’t done a page yet, he doesn’t get the Kindle until he finishes one page in the workbook. I started with A and will continue to Z. He loves to show his daddy what he did, so I’m hoping that’s enough encouragement for him to keep doing one page a day.

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Do you think I’m going a little overboard with all this?  Being a substitute teacher for six years, most of it with Kindergarten, I remember quite well that there were kids that didn’t know a thing at the beginning of school (in Kindergarten) and that there were kids who breezed past everything. I don’t want my son to be the kid that knows nothing for fear he’ll get behind.

I’m anxious to know if you intend to prepare your child for Kindergarten this summer, or will you just let them play and not worry about learning anything. I remember in my younger years not learning a thing in the summer  – only playing.

Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten – A Checklist You Can Use!!

Once school starts, it won’t be long until it’s time for school pictures. Here are 10 STEPS TO PREPARE FOR A SUCCESSFUL SCHOOL PICTURE that might help. You also may want to see how to be more involved with your child’s school.

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  10. Hello my grandson has just turned 3 and can do 75% of the list.
    As we live in England we’re consentrating on survival skills.
    And yes he’ll be learning all over the summer. But he’ll see it as a game

  11. For #10 you could get paper puppets and have Brody use those to retell the story. Picture cards are great too. Give him the cards in random order. Have him place them in order and retell the story. Read and reread several times to build confidence. You are an awesome mom for preparing him this summer!